8, 9 and 10 March 2019

Spring Stallion Selection: a new year, a new collection of stallions ...

At the same time as the Open Days Studbook Zangersheide holds its Spring Stallion Selection. Stallions that get approval are allowed to start their services in 2019.

The Spring Stallion Selection is open for 3-yr-old and older stallions (born in 2016) registered with a studbook recognized by the WBFSH with a pedigree over four removes.

On Friday all the candidate stallions will be subjected to a conformation assessment. On Saturday the 3-yr-old candidates will show themselves in free jumping, 4-yr-old stallions can chose to either do free jumping or jump a standard course under the rider. Sunday features the second viewing and 5-yr-old and older stallions will jump a course. 

The stallion selection is not only a means of orientation for the breeder, but it also essential to prevent that hereditary flaws and defects such as OCD are passed on. 

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