After an exceptionally uncertain and difficult period our governments have started to gradually relax lockdown guidelines. Major events such as the Z-Festival remain a question mark for the time being, but our foals keep on growing and many breeders are still hoping their foals will soon find new owners.

To create chances for as many breeders as possible to market their foals, Studbook Zangersheide has decided to organise selection- and video days on a weekly basis for the Quality Auction in September as well as several Online Auctions and the Breeders’ Auction.

How exactly does this work?

Via the homepage of you can enter your foal for our selection days. These will be organised in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. On the day of the selection the foals have to be at least one month old. After registration you will receive a message with a fixed time for presenting your foal at our photo- and video day. It goes without saying that we will put the required measures for social distancing in place and ask you to come to the selection with no more than two handlers per foal. Spectators are not allowed. Studbook Zangersheide will strive to keep the capacity as high as possible without jeopardising safety. In case the number of foals offered exceeds the available positions then a first selection will be carried out on the basis of lineage and dam line and sent-in image material.

In the course of the next days/weeks we will keep you informed of the various selection moments via our website.

Selection 6 : Z-Quality Auction – Z-Online Auction – Z-Breeders’ Auction


More information? For all your questions please get in touch with us on or by telephone on +32 89 73 00 11.

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