Zangersheide launches the selection season
Studbook Zangersheide is always the first with everything. Also with the stallion selection. The first of the new season was held during the WC in the indoor arena. 63 New stallions were presented. Like in 2011, fourteen were accepted for stud duties. These included six Z-registered stallions, three of which are owned by Studfarm Zangersheide. The stallion that drew all the eyes was, without question, Levisto Alpha Z, a clone from Levisto Z.

The clone story, part two. Last year the first part of the clone story was already written during the Zangersheide autumn selection. Let us remember what was then written in Z-Magazine: ‘The September selection 2011 of Studbook Zangersheide can be considered a milestone in history. For the first time Studfarm Zangersheide had their own clone licensed for breeding. ‘Chellano Alpha Z closely resembles his DNA-donor Chellano Z and received above average scores’, said jury Ulrich Kasselmann. The clone was noteworthy for his logical resemblance to his DNA- sire. Chellano Alpha Z is as alert, as handsome and displays the same flawless jumping technique.’

Levisto Alpha Z
This year Studfarm Zangersheide looked for confirmation with a new clone at the stallion selection. Anyone still having doubts about the clone story, should by now be scratching their head. The 3-yr-old Levisto Alpha Z (Leandro x Carolus I) proved that he was also a perfect genetic copy of his DNA-sire. Like Levisto Z, he showed himself one hundred percent willing to work. Ears pricked, focussing on the fence, balance and technique. With the same style and grandeur he rounded off his jump. Legs neatly together. Slight elevation continued also over the fence. And that tail, you can see it already, will become sparkling white over the years. You can count on it that within a few years Judy-Ann Melchior will literally have a ‘second Levisto’ to continue her career. The future is sure, because Levisto Alpha Z was this year’s selection topper. Levisto Z himself has been the first horse of Judy-Ann Melchior for many years. He jumped the World cup Finals in Gotenburg (2008) and the European Championship in Windsor (2009). For many years the now 15-yr-old stallion had high results in competitions of the highest level and his career is not yet over. Levisto Z is a Holsteiner bred out of the full sister of the stallions Clinton I and Clinton II. His famous lineage 4965 also produced the reputable showjumping horses Sonora la Silla, Sprehe Padua and Zandor Z.

Six times Z
Apart from the clone, Studfarm Zangersheide had another two stallions licensed. Chellsini Z (Chellano Z x Cassini I) was the most remarkable. The dark brown stallion, like Levisto Alpha Z, claimed a place in the row of selection toppers. Especially his well stretching hindquarters  over the fence caused extacy among the many breeders who attended this stallion selection. The third stallion from Zangersheide Clintrexo Z (Clintissimo Z x Rex Z) was a little hesitant at first. Especially the foreleg technique of the grey seemed dubious, but that changed completely as the fence got higher. Clintrexo completed his presentation on the Saturday with jumps that appealed to jury and public alike. His positive evolution during the selection stages reveals an important quality. Because of his bloodline Clintrexo is considered very valuable for Studfarm Zangersheide. Dam’s sire Rex Z is a son of Ratina Z and her full brother Rebel Z. The cross resulting in the stallion Rex Z was a daring in-cross experiment at Zangersheide which turned out very successful. The offspring of Rex was excellent. Of his few products numerous were jumping at international level. The best known is probably the winner of the Z-ranking Regina Z.

The first stallion to receive his licence that Saturday, after two days of free jumping and  the conformation assessment on Thursday  was Caladin Z (Calvino Z x Ramiro Z). This only 2-yr-old stallion standing 1.65m showed a fine jumping technique. Uncomplicated and without glamour he showed that jumping a line can be so simple. This grey with a white patch on his belly was bred and presented by Studfarm Aldenbergh BV from Zeeland in the Netherlands. In total three 2-yr-old stallions were accepted by the jury (consisting of Ulrich Kasselman, François Mathy and Xavier Leredde). The second in the row is Camirez FZ (Contender x Indorado), an Italian horse out of a Belgian mares line. The dark brown stallion from Franca Zanetti was one of the tastemakers on Friday, but he had a dip on Saturday. On Saturday the distance between the fences was slightly longer. Camirez FZ, standing 1.63m, had some trouble to cope with that and therefore gave a slightly flat impression. The third and last 2-yr-old stallion to receive his licence is Focus GLN (Clinton x Burggraaf). From the two Clinton offspring he was the one with the most blood. The tall grey gave a sympathetic be it a little immature impression. This does not need to be a problem considering his age. Focus received applause for his impressive jumps, time after time. Van der Linden from Vlierden, the Netherlands, bred and presented him.

Mainly 3-yr-olds licensed
Europe RV (Mr. Blue x Cassini I) from Lodewijk-Van Weeghel was the first 3-yr-old to appeal to the jury in all respects. This KWPN product was not only liked for his remarkable ancestry with consecutively the stallions Mr. Blue, Cassini I and Landgraf I. He also proved himself to have qualities in the ring. The powerfully built bay standing 1.70m showed fine reflexes and a lot of blood. Dam Z-Livia RV is a half-sister of the international showjumping horse Not Again, with which Ludo Philippaerts, amongst others won prizes.

Thus we arrive at Cyrano VDV Z (Colmander x Nimmerdor), an interesting stallion from a powerful lineage from the Van der Vaart family from Oterleek. Sire Colmander is an 8-yr-old son by Colman, better known as  Boeve’s Colmander. Cyrano VDV already drew attention with his appealing conformation and later also showed that he can climb very well. This stallion deserves a dot behind his name, no doubt. Especially considering the dam’s background, a whole sport family. Out of dam Ilona come Leonardo V Z and Quinten V Z, who are both jumping at international level  1.45m classes. Grandam Delaila also produced the international showjumping horse Lucky Lady and is also grandam of Ingliston Twister from Michael Whitaker. The further Holsteiner lineage also produced the horses Olympic Z and Anka, former top horses from Judy-Ann Melchior and Marcus Ehning, as well as a series of international showjumping horses and licensed stallions.

The next stallion to be licensed Expo (Linton x Cassini I) also received several bonus points because of his dam’s background. Expo has the same dam as the GP horse Alpapillon Armani. On this grey gelding Vincent Voorn jumped in the Peking Olympics and also half-brother Oriander (Coriander) earned his metal in the international sport. In this case, too, the further mares line is full of sport blood. She herself produced, amongst others, the stallions Ronald, Constant, Cagliostro, Amoroso vd Helle and Quantum. Expo did not get his licence just like that, just because of his dam. The grey stallion has charisma and is elastic. And he jumped well, although one could remark that he should relax his hind a little more over the fence. Expo was presented by Reini Tewis together with breeder Jan van Kooten.

No presents in the Ramiro Z arena
The oldest stallion licensed after the free jumping was the 4-yr-old Il Mio vh Eigenlo (Andiamo Z x Wandor vd Mispelaere). This 4-yr-old bay stallion from breeder Dany Van Lomberghen showed power especially in his movements and a well finished jump, time and again. Quantofino (Quantum x Corofino) was as old, but he was shown under the rider. Everyone knows by now that no presents are given away in the course under the rider. Only those who are really remarkable will be licensed, just the same as with the free jumping. Quantofino, the Holsteiner from Spexgoor Stables in Gaanderen, did so with his powerful hindquarters. The stallion displayed power and carefulness. Honduras Dwerse Hagen (Balouco x Utrillo vd Heffinck) was also accepted after jumping under the rider. This stallion from rider Joe Clee, Jan De Vos and Patrik Spits has a ‘picture perfect’ model and also jumped a fine course. Honduras is a bay grandson of Baloubet du Rouet. Dam Donatella ter Elsloo (Utrillo vd Heffinck) won the Open Flemmish Foal Championships in Evergem and from sire’s side and dam’s side comes from the Belgian Quinette Ut-line, with, for example, Utrillo Z, Quelle Homme vd Heffinck, Dax vd Abdijhoeve and Bentley van T&L. Also the second 5-yr-old licensed after jumping a course was born in Belgium. Classique Z (ex. Carryduff Z, v. Casco x Unique II Drum vh Juxschot) is a breeding product from veterinarian Wim Vermeiren, brother of Jan Vermeiren. The grey started in the WC under his owner Emma McIntosh. A time fault kept the combination out of the finals. Classique is a compact grey with a clever jumping technique. He may well go a long way in the sport. Hopefully, for that is the intention of Studbook Zangersheide and of the jury in their assessment.

One stallion from the Sires of the World should be added to this list. This was the additional number 64 Winston (Heartbreaker x Burggraaf) from Mareille Schröder, Van Geel and Cees Klaver. This 9-yr-old son of Heartbreaker had one fault in the Sires and also the Warming Up on Friday evening. The stallion has already been licensed by the AES, which also explains why he could start in the Sires. 

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