WC Young Horses 2015, top sport at an early age!

One should perhaps ask the euphoric question of what the future will bring for the world championships of young horses, since the quality of these young horses is going up year by year. Naturally, you have to respect the age and training level of these youngsters, but should the sportive level also go up? The WC for Young Horses has undeniably created a surplus value in breeding and training that has resulted in a permanent improvement. It has made that intrinsically better horses are born, which in turn get better chances because they end up in professional hands already at an early age. The results of former years speak for themselves; horses that reach the WC finals have excellent abilities and will develop international careers. But how about the standards of the world championships? In recent years we found that an increasing number of horses is laughing about the standard heights of the courses. Of course, not all of them are able to handle a certain degree of difficulty, but the top becomes wider all the time and a growing number of horses has no trouble coping with each fence and each cleverly planned line. And they will find their way to the world championships. That means that Zangersheide’s initial target for these world championships has been reached. At the same time the course builders are wrecking their brains about how to build a challenging course and yet stick to the strict regulations. These were understandably created to protect the interest of the youngsters, but the young horses from ten years ago are nothing compared to the young horses we see in the ring today. The WC has strongly contributed to this development, for it has raised the standards in all respect. This makes that we can now already talk about a championship for young horses in terms of top sport, at an early age, thanks to the breeders and the professional training.

Zangersheide is a party involved
Also this year Zangersheide played a prominent role in the world championships and once again confirmed its status as an internationally orientated studbook. In the royal class of the world championships, the category for 7-yr-olds, a Polish stallion earned the world title and he is a son of Calvados Z (Chellano Z). In the 6-yr-olds the Irish mare Ellavar X was the reserve champion. Ellavar X earned her WC ticket at the Irish championship in Dublin, where she also finished in second place. And Ellavar is a daughter of Calvaro Z. And just behind her followed Take a Chance on Me Z, a son of Taloubet Z. In that jump-off we also saw Comilfo Plus Z, FTS Elliot, a son of Cicero Z van Paemel and Navarone Z from the reputable Morsink family. On several platform places of the world championships, Z was a party involved with the success of these youngsters.

Facts and figures:
80,000 visitors
61 foals were sold for a record amount of 1.3 million euro
837 combinations appeared at the start
44 countries were represented
172 stands
36.000m2 tenting was built

Provisional entries FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships 2015

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